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VOLVO 960 WAGON 2.9L, HIGH STALL AW40 Transmission Torque Converter 89-58H. $349.00. Free shipping. LIFETIME WARRANTY KIA SPORTAGE 4X4, A-44DE Transmission Torque Converter 89-59. $349.00. ... TOYOTA A340, A340E, A340F 4WD, A340F HIGH STALL Trans Torque Converter 97-7H. $409.00. Free shipping. Only 1 left!Torque converter stall speed describes the top RPM at which the pump may run without causing misalignment and other damage. View Details. ft. of torque @2,500 rpm. Some guidelines are: 7-Inch Converter - Ultra-high performance from 6000 to 9000 rpm stall speeds.

A looser, or higher stall, torque converter will allow more "slippage" between the two than a tighter, lower stall torque converter will. High performance torque converters, like to ones sold at RevMax Performance Torque Converters, can do a lot for your vehicle when the proper stall speed is selected.

Shop torque converters for GM Powerglide, TH-350, TH-400; Ford C-4, C-6, AOD, and AODE, Chrysler Torqueflite; and other trannys. Torque Converter, SB Series, 11.0 in. Diameter, 3,200 rpm Flash Stall, 4L60E, 4L65E, Lockup, LS Bolt Pattern, Each.Search: A340e Transmission Specs. Also people ask about «A340e Specs Transmission » You cant find «A340e Transmission Specs» ? 🤔🤔🤔Torque Converter Clutch AT2-6 A340E (2JZ—GTE) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - OPERATION. ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM The electronic control system for the A340E automatic transmission provides extremely precise control of the gear shift timing and lock-up timing in response to driving conditions as sensed by various sensors

Recon Torque Converter, Lock-Up, 10.80' Overall Diameter, 9.055' Bolt Pattern, 4 Pad Mount w/ 10mm x 1.25 Thread, Slotted Hub.787' Pilot Diameter.735' Pilot Length, 20 Splines, Medium Stall Speed.

451900C. $8.50. Bolt-Together Converter Builder Kits. ATI's new Bolt Together Converter Builder Kits are available for 8”, 9”, 10” and 10.5” Bolt Together and Bolt Together Lock Up Converters. If you have a loca. converter builder you trust, this may be the option for you! Each kit gives your builder the ability to convert your favorite ... ALLISON 1000 6.6 LTR DURAMAX HEAVY DUTY BILLET TORQUE CONVERTER. AU $1,990.00 15 watchers. Holden Commodore VZ-VE 5L40E 6 CYL Hi-Stall Torque Converter 2800-3000 RPM. AU $999.00 20 watchers. TOYOTA PRADO-HIACE-HILUX A340 HEAVY DUTY LOW STALL TORQUE CONVERTER.

Torque converter stall speed describes the top RPM at which the pump may run without causing misalignment and other damage. View Details. ft. of torque @2,500 rpm. Some guidelines are: 7-Inch Converter - Ultra-high performance from 6000 to 9000 rpm stall speeds.Toyota A340E Transmissions Torque Converters. 800-790-0039. Home; ... Best Darn Torque Converters in the World! ... HIGH STALL . Best Darn Torque Converters in the ...

This A340 is very similar to the older version, but contains small upgrades to the torque converter, planetary gearsets, and the forward clutch. The transfer cases found behind the 3.4L A340 in 4×4 Tacoma/4Runner/Tundra models have a LH front drive output, all 1995 and earlier Toyota 4x4s use a RH front drive output. Torque converter problems are sometimes misinterpreted as symptoms of a failing transmission. The 'stall speed' is the point at which the engine RPMs are high enough for the torque converter to transfer power from the engine to the transmission. Toyota A340E.The 11inch converter will create less heat and be more efficient. Smaller converters create more heat. If you had an 11inch converter producing heat the stator had probably been cut to produce more stall. It was probably built from a c4 11inch core which is not good for high stall operation.

NandV Automatics provides torque converter service. A torque converter is a type of fluid coupling, which allows the engine to spin somewhat independently of the transmission. It is responsible for applying pressure to the automatic transmission fluid, which supplies the force necessary to shift the...Ich fahre insgesamt zwar auch lieber Wandler. Improper transmission dowel installation is an often-overlooked contributor to other repair issues, especially on high torque diesel engines. Learn more a.. Revision Servolenkgetriebe. Ford C4 Automatikgetriebe für diverse Modelle wie Mustang, Cougar, Torino oä. Col Voss rebuilt and upgraded a340e auto, MV autos 3200rpm stall converter, Supra 4.11 torsen diff. Other info: DNA motorsport FMIC, 3" cooler piping, 650cc injectors, walbro fuel pump. 1/4 mile: [email protected] Weight with driver of 1720kg.

Torque Converter Stall Speed Test MEVAS. A so-called Stall Speed Test can be performed for all machines (cars & trucks) with a torque converter. While testing an earth-moving machine with a Stall Test we can gain information about engine performance, torque converter condition, transmission...

If excessive runout cannot be corrected, replace the torque converter clutch. HINT: Mark the position of the converter clutch to ensure cor-rect installation. (b) Remove the torque converter clutch. AT2–28 A340E (2JZ—GTE) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION – SHIFT LOCK SYSTEM. SHIFT LOCK SYSTEM COMPONENT PARTS LOCATION User manual | Torque Converter Identification Catalog. ALL Converters. The section below the Converter Part Number (Grey. Band) is for information unique to the converter that may assist you in the correct idenification. High Stall. Same as R-20 with Lockup clutch omitted.In this video Daniel upgrade this Torque Converter on his 1983 Holden VH Commodore to a High Stall Torque Converter. Daniel explains the step by step procedu...So basically I am just wondering how much higher stall converter i want. I do intend on doing more mudding/off roading than i do racing for sure so lower end torque is a must!Think of a high stall converter like having a clutch which you can either let out at off-idle under normal conditions or are able to rev the engine up and "dump" it under racing conditions. Racers use trans brakes to lock the trans and then run the engine up against the converter to 4-6K rpm and then "dump" the trans brake, which shocks the ...

After driving around and hitting the tracks with the new JWT S7/S2 cams, I needed a higher stall torque converter. I started searching craigslist and local Nissan junkyards for a good deal on a Torque Converter. Got lucky and found someone parting out a Titan and snagged a TC for $50!Torque Converters Explained: High Stall is a GOOD Thing. Excel. Details: First, there's the expense (a few hundred for the part + a few hundred for labor). Performance modifications for the Supra and Toyota A340E. Excel. Details: The industry has created a rating factor for comparing torque...Chevy High Performance magazine has a great article about torque converters that beginners and non-beginners will find interesting. Nice diagram of torque converter from Banks - click to see the original image. ... Just installed a 2800 stall torque converter in my 1971 Nova 496 engine. There is NO slippage what so ever.A 10-inch torque converter, for example, has a higher stall speed than an 11-inch converter. Stall speed can also be increased by shaving down the stator wheel to reduce the depth of the blades. Some people confuse stall speed with torque multiplication. A higher stall speed generally gives more torque multiplication.

Car & Truck Torque Converters. high stall 4L60E 700R4 Torque Converter 1985-97 HEAVY DUTY Lockup 2200-2500, Warranty does not cover failures due to exceeding HP limitations or use of trans brake or nitrous on non upgraded converters or by any abuse,Up for sale is a remanufactured...The A340E and A340F automatic transmissions are mainly composed of the torque converter clutch, the overdrive (hereafter called O/D) planetary gear unit, 3-speed planetary gear unit, the hydraulic control system and the electronic control system.

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